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Parkhomivka Historical and Arts Museum

The village of Parkhomivka in Krasnokutsk District became known in the 1950s when the USSR’s first rural historical and arts museum was opened here. The basis of the exposition is formed by the collection gathered by a school teacher A. Lunev and includes works of arts, books and graphics. For a long time only the high school students who were members of the Rainbow Club were guides there. Together with their teacher, they organised travelling exhibitions in schools, clubs, palaces for culture, read lectures on artists’ life and creative work. In 1986 a rural museum in Parkhomivka received the status of a state cultural and educational establishment, now being a subsidiary of Kharkiv Fine Arts Museum.

The rural Hermitage, as Parkhom­ivka Historical and Arts Museum is often called, has paintings by Roerich, Vrubel, Van Dijk, Benois, Levitan and Malevich. The pearl of the collection is Picasso’s Dove of Peace.