Information for Drivers

Ukraine is a country of the righthand traffic. The speed limit in the built up areas is 60km/h, though in some neighbourhoods it can be as low as 40 or even 30km/h. The speed limit in the non-built up areas is 90km/h and 110km/h on motorways.

Any alcohol content in the driver’s blood is strictly prohibited. Traffic police officers check with special BAC calculators.

The law requires that children under twelve must be transported only at the back seat, whilst children under three — only in a special baby/ child seat. A seat belt must be used if one is fitted. There are also a few specific car park features. On street car parking in the downtown is to be paid for. Car parks where you can leave your car for a longer period, are marked with the P sign. There are free car parks near big supermarkets, some restaurants and hotels. Besides you can leave a car in the street if there is no prohibitive sign and it does not impede the traffic. At night time, it is better to leave a car at guarded paid car parks which are numerous in all neighbourhoods of the city. We also advise to take all contents with you.

There are very many patrol filling stations operated by a variety of companies in the city. Most of them are open 24 hours a day. However, there are much fewer compressed natural gas filling stations.